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Aranhas subiram em árvores para escapar das inundações no Paquistão. Milhares delas fizeram teias ali mesmo.

Millions of arachnids escape rising floodwaters. Trees cocooned in spiders webs after flooding in Pakistan, 'An unexpected side-effect of the flooding was that millions of spiders climbed up into the trees to escape the rising flood waters.

43 Beautiful Examples Of Night Scenes With Aurora In The Sky | World inside pictures

43 Beautiful Examples Of Night Scenes With Aurora In The Sky

O Haicai (haikai ou haiku) é um poema curto – com apenas três versos – marcado pela objetividade, pela maneira sucinta e completa de escrever um determinado acontecimento.  A escrita surgiu no Japão durante o século 16 e se espalhou por todo o mundo no século 20, destacando, nesse período, o poeta Matsuo Bashô (1644-1694). ...

Bench In Foggy Autumn Park - Sergiy Trofimov 25 Beautiful Autumn pictures - purple leaves


Oh, to sleep in a tent hanging from a tree. This place looks like a lot of fun and full of adventure! things-to-do-places-to-see

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A house where you can lie awake in bed look up to the ceiling and literally see your dreams coming true! Under the northern lights - wow that would just be incredible! Wouldnt mind falling asleep to them every night.

O melhor lugar ♡

Camping under the northern lights, Troms County / Norway (by. - Its a beautiful world - note: Winter camping - it's a thing

Aurora Borealis over the Giants Causeway, Northern Ireland.

A green and purple sky

Giants Causeway Co.Antrim, N.Ireland underneath the spectacular Aurelia Borealis.

9 Dreamy Picnics

picnic on the lake in canoes - friends, outdoors, get-togethers Conley we need to do this this summer!