I love this picture! the girl in the front has on ballet shoes while everyone else has pointe! reminds me of my dance class

Custom made Louboutin ballet slippers for Dita Von Teese.

Starting Ballet as an Adult

Audrey These are custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese. I really like the idea of mixing fields of art, and that's really evident here in which an artistic tool, pointe shoes, are utilizes for a fashion purpose.

i saw this pic and it made me think of elegance! oh i'd love to put them on and dance!

old ballet shoes- my pointe shoes look like this! Except not as worn out.

City skyline on Pointe!

Custom Handpainted Pointe Shoes by BalletInCleveland on Etsy. My pointe friends and I are going to have a painting party!

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Tiffany pointe shoes - coolest thing ever! Imagine what a pretty display you could make with these!