Chris Ware (III)

The above image is from the Graphic novel "Jimmy Corrigan, The Smartest Kid on Earth" by Chris Ware. Ware is one of, if not the most, accomp.

Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth by Chris Ware, 1995.

Chris Ware: “Jimmy Corrigan” original art from Acme Novelty Library

Chris Ware

Chris Ware: The New York Times. (September Introduction at Adam Baumgold Gallery

U_21_830299182412_Q3lgjrE.jpg Chris Ware

Classic Chris Ware cover to David Greenberger’s Duplex Planet Illustrated one of alternative comics’ most under-appreciated series, published by Fantagraphics, April

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“Drawings for New York Periodicals” — Chris Ware

from a magazine

Chris Ware’s new graphic novel, about the residents of a Chicago building, comes in a box containing a hard-bound volume or two, pamphlets and leaflets, a huge tabloid and more.