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West Highland White Terrier in the snow! We definitely need a pup who can play outside & jump around on the sofa & go up & down the stairs

As soon as i get my corgi prepare for tons of random pictures!!!! :)

108 Reasons Why Corgis Really Are That Great

a happy westie ... That's because it's at the beach!

dieuvousbenisse1: ❤❤❤ (Faith Hope Love)

Small white dog smiling at the beach by Angela Lumsden - Stocksy United

Doggie Bag

I dont like carrying those dog carrier bags, So when I go places Luna fit perfectly in my purse. She just sits in there nice and comfortably. I just hope she doesnt some day decide to go potty in it, My purse wasnt cheap LOLOL.

Cute Westie pup

This adorable Westie puppy has me all sentimental for my Westie puppy.

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itsmesara: Kiki disguising herself as Justin Bieber OH MY GOD this is my all time fave pic. a westie in sunglsses, i mean.

These have got to be one of my most favorite puppies.

So you're thinking of getting a puppy... (What Olivia Did...)