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The Golden Train. Edmund Blair Leighton (English, Pre-Raphaelite, 1853-1922). Oil on panel.     The correct title for this picture is “Lui sa ‘aime elle suit,” which translates as “After her love she follows.” It was probably inspired by the interior at 14 Priory Road, Bedford Park, the house and studio to which the artist moved in 1889, two years before he painted this picture. According to the artist’s granddaughter the house was replete with richly coloured panelling and Persian carpets.

“ The Golden Train. Edmund Blair Leighton (English, Pre-Raphaelite, Oil on panel. The correct title for this picture is “Lui sa ‘aime elle suit,” which translates as “After her.

Juliet by Thomas Francis “Frank” Dicksee (1877)

Thomas Francis “Frank” Dicksee Juliet was a portrait, historical and genre painter with many subjects from Shakespeare. This portrait of Juliet was inspired by Shakespeare’s play Rome (Beauty Women Paintings)

The Love Letter, Edmund Blair Leighton (1853-1922), Oil On Panel, 19th Century

"The Love Letter"-Oil on Panel by Edmund Blair Leighton Century English painter.

Dream on

"Instants de paix" by Kadri Umbleja (Estonian), Digital Art

Bei der Anprobe, Viktor Schramm: Reminds me of Molly and Cynthia in Wives and Daughters.

Viktor Schramm - Bei der Anprobe [The Fitting] 1900 Beautiful fabric detail.

Daffodils, watercolor by William Henry Margetson (1861-1940)

The paintings of beautiful women was the major subject of the British painter William Henry Margetson. He studied at the South Kensington Sc.

5240org.jpg (Imagen JPEG, 1268 × 2608 píxeles) - Escalado (43 %)

Admiration by Aaron Allen Westerberg

costume drees fashion

Karoly II Marko - detail - Painting by Edouard Louis Dubufe

Konstantin Dmitrievich Flavitsky - Princess Tarakanova, 1864 - Giclee Baskı -’de.

russianist: “ “ Konstantin Flavitsky Princess Tarakanova (in the Peter and Paul Fortress at the Time of the Flood), c. oil on canvas, State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow. According to legend,.

I just love this painting.---Edmund Blair Leighton

Adieu by artist Edmund Blair Leighton. hand-painted museum quality oil painting reproduction on canvas.

La carta - Obra de Pedro Lira (Museo de Bellas Artes, stgo)

Lira, Pedro - 1893 Love Letter (Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago, Chile)

Jeune paysanne avec trois enfants à la fenêtre. Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, 1840.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (Austrian, Junge Bäuerin mit drei Kindern im Fenster (Young Peasant Woman with Three Children at the Window), 1840 x cm, Oil on canvas Collection of the.

blair leighton vox populi

Vox Populi (Voice of the People) ~ a little Prince likely in Time to bless a Royal Throne, 1904 - Edmund Blair Leighton

John William Hennessy - The Pride of Dijon.

The Pride of Dijon, 1879 William John Hennessy (Irish,

If you haven't read my other 2 previous articles about Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio fee free to click on both The Fibonacci Sequence The Fibonacci sequence is possibly the most simple recurrence relation occurring in nature. It is 0,1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21,34,55,89, 144… each number equals the sum of the two numbers before it, and the difference of the two numbers succeeding it. It is an infinite sequence which goes on forever as it develops.     The Golden…

Understanding The Fibonacci Sequence & Golden Ratio

The Golden Mean Spiral can wear many hats in its function and relationship to Creation. It is my personal opinion that the Golden Mean Spiral represents the purest form of the feminine aspect of.

Shades of Goldens! Nugget's color would be fifth from the right! I used to be part of a Golden Group and the shades always fascinated me! Nugget's dad was color third in from right and her mom was third in from left ;)

wrap up one in each color! The Golden Retriever color spectrum.