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The pro secrets of a poster designer

ModernSquirrel: Sister Corita

Sister Corita Kent posters from the 1968 Pilgrim Press the orange,pink,blk, white combo.

Vive le graphisme on Behance

Vive le graphisme on Behance

Poster design for the pizzeria "biga" near the castle of the Princess of Eboli / by nju:comunicazione

Spectrum : Graphic Design / Poster Inspiration / Poster design for the opening of "pizzeria biga" in eboli. we decided to use the famous Ana De Mendoza, princess of eboli, because the pizze


Modernist Swiss Style Posters by Quim Marin

Quim Marin is an art director and designer from Barcelona. According to the artist, the visually polluted environment of today calls for fresh and memorable designs with a clear aim at essential beauty and equilibrium.