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Take a look at photos of this weekend's stunning Supermoon (Blaire Gable—@reuterspictures) http://ti.me/1ycCrUJ  pic.twitter.com/hKus7ou4UU


An Aircraft is silhouetted in front of a rising Supermoon . by Blair Gable/Reuters

Salvador de Bahia

The moon sets behind the Mare shanty town complex in Rio de Janeiro Picture: AP Photo/Victor R.

Miss the supermoon on Sunday? Don't worry. We've got you covered.

Supermoon of the Year: 20 Photos From Around the World

The moon reminds me that my daddy is watching over me Gods promise to me.

Supermoon Photos: Year's Biggest Full Moon  Wows Stargazers Worldwide

Experienced space photographers Edwin Aguirre and Imelda Joson created this composite view of the biggest full moon of a so-called 'supermoon,' from a series of images taken as the full moon rose over downtown Boston on June [Full Story]

First Spectacular Supermoon Of 2014 Will Peak This Saturday

WATCH: Get Ready For The Summer's First Supermoon

Not one, and not two, but we've got a summer full of three "supermoons" ahead of us -- and the first one is set to peak this Saturday at a.

Supermoon and a rosy sunset, by Jose Geraldo Mattos in Brazil.

Supermoon and a rosy sunset, by Jose Geraldo Mattos in Brazil.

Spectacular 'Supermoon' Rises This Weekend

Spectacular 'Supermoon' Rises This Weekend

Last night's moon rose at its closest possible approach to Earth. Did you see the supermoon? Add your photo in the comments.

o-SUPERMOON-2014-570.jpg (570×380)

'Supermoon' Lights Up Skies Across Continents


The moon tonight is the closest it's ever been in 2000 years. Look at the "supermoon" rising over Brisbane city!