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The Truth About Vampires...

David in 'The Lost Boys'. The ultimate bad boy! Sleep all day, party all night. It's fun being a vampire! I still love Kiefer Sutherland to this day. If people think the 'Twilight' gang are cool teens, they've never watched 'The Lost Boys'.

Robert Redford & Paul Newman

Robert Redford & Paul Newman

Joaquin Phoenix- one of my favourite actors/vegan celebrities Thank you Joaquin for changing my life for the Better, after watching Earthlings I became VEGAN :)

When the actor flies, he likes to sleep. And when he wakes up, he hopes it's in Morocco, so he can eat at his favorite restaurant in the world

Ben Kingsley's Favorite Restaurant Is in Morocco

One flew over the cuckoo's nest

One flew over the cuckoos nest reminds me a lot of how we our adaptation of the tempest