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Some artwork of scifi.AND WARHAMMER.Nothing of the artwork picture is mine.the artwork of the Storm Birds.

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Acolyte of Abraxus, from The Navis Primer. A renegade Tech-Priest who uses implanted artefacts (Eldar or Yu’Vath, generally) to give himself psychic powers.


Adeptus Mechanicus

honor-faith-duty-dice-dms-will: “ mr—anthill: “ Adeptus Mechanicus - The Priesthood of Mars ” May the machine spirits forever guide our aim.

I am a princess thus i must explicitly show breasts Techpriestess by Blazbaros.deviantart.com

/tg/ - Are female tech-priests canon? I'm having trouble - Traditional Games -

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21047404131_e28c6c77d6_b.jpg (703×1024)

adeptus mechanicus - Google Search

adeptus mechanicus - Google Search