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This pink iceberg is the result of algae which is growing in the ice and has been effected by the UV rays

WOW! Crystal ice cave in the Skaftafell national park in Iceland.

Ice cave in the Skaftafell National Park in Iceland. Ice caves collapse and new ones form as each glacier grinds slowly towards the sea. Local guides can help you (without dying) find one. (Visit Skaftafell National Park in Iceland.

Jade Iceberg, Antarctica. When seawater at depths of more than 1,200 feet freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves, it forms ‘marine ice.’ .. When one of these icebergs overturns, its jade underside is revealed. The wondrous color of this ‘marine ice’ results from organic matter dissolved in the seawater at those great depths. Green icebergs are infrequently seen because their verdant bellies are underwater;... Photo credit: Dr. Steve Nicol More on my Blogspot

Marine ice - Jade and striped icebergs form when seawater freezes to the underside of massive ice shelves. When chunks of ice break off from the ice shelf and overturn, the jade underside is revealed.

beach cathedral, ribadeo, lugo, galicia, spain.

The Most Unique Beaches You Would Want to See Once in a Lifetime

Playa de las Catedrales (Cathedrals Beach), near Ribadeo, Lugo, Galicia, northwest coast of Spain - this is part of my dream trip. maybe someday

A fire tornado, which can occur during major forest fires, is a whirlwind caused by rising heat and turbulent wind conditions.

Fire tornadoes sound like a horrible way to die. But also kind of awesome. "How did he die ?



Lago (General Carrera en Chile)-(Buenos Aires en Argentina), Patagonia, entre Chile y Argentina. Segun el pais, asi se llama. Detalle de las cuevas Marvel en la zona Chilena.

Marble Caverns of Carrera Lake, Chile. wow, I have lived in and toured much of Chile over the years, but never knew about this! Need to research and find out where in Chile it is!