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the King of fire

is very present in digital art. Here are some works of fractal lions.

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Tiger Vs Wolf Wallpaper - Tiger Vs Wolf Wallpaper A high quality Animal wallpaper.

╰⊰✿GS✿⊱ Eagle

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Ver com os olhos da alma inteligente.

By Spirit Science We all know that the ancient Egyptians worshipped felines to a marvelous extent. There’s no question that these civillians openly celebra

Lion fractal

Lion is the king of jungle. We have always been listening this statement about lion since our childhood. As a child everyone of us had the king at the top of

~~Katanga Lion by Milan Vorisek~~

"Katanga Lion" by Milan Vorisek, or also called Southwest African lion (Panthera leo bleyenberghi).


Law of Pragnanz - This painting is made up of many distinct, individual strokes. We see this as a single complete image, tiger, instead of each stroke.