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Gingery Sweet Potato Apple Juice | Serious Eats : Recipes

Gingery Sweet Potato Apple Juice

This winter juice turns boring old sweet potatoes into a rich and mellow drink that's lightened with apple and spiced with fresh ginger.

Adding a little cooked oatmeal to this blueberry smoothie means it has serious…

The Maine Squeeze (Blueberry, Oat, and Ginger Smoothie)

Gateway Green Smoothie

Gateway Green Smoothie Ingredients 1 frozen banana, peeled 1 cup diced fresh pineapple Flesh of 1 medium mango 2 packed cups baby spinach or sorrel 1 tablespoon ground flax seed 1 teaspoon extra-virgin coconut oil cup protein powder (optional) cup water

Green Apple Juice Recipe

1 large (or two medium) Granny Smith apples 1 head of romaine lettuce 2 Persian (or 1 regular) cucumber 1 bunch of celery 4 large collard green leafs 1 Meyer lemon 1 piece of ginger root (optional, but it's great for digestion!

Red Tornado - Citrus, lime, beet juice

Rouge Tomate's Red Tornado

Even if you're not so big on beets, chances are you'll be pleasantly surprised by Rouge Tomate's Red Tornado, a delicious mix of pomegranate, citrus, and beet juice.

The Kale Mary | Serious Eats : Recipes

The Kale Mary

The Kale Mary: The natural sweetness of grape tomatoes is a wonderful partner for kale juice in this Bloody Mary inspired non-alcoholic drink. Head here for more kale juice recipes we love

Appel wortel gembersap

Carrot Apple Blended Juice is a delicious raw juice with pulp made from fresh fall apples, carrots, and warming spices of ginger, cinnamon and citrus.