circle-rainbow in Brasilia, Brazil

How The Sun Looked In Brasil Yesterday


Double Rainbow Double rainbow taken in Lomma Sweden Double Rainbows Double Rainbow, Richmond, Virginia

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Coiled Creature NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope has imaged a wild creature of the dark - a coiled galaxy with an eye-like object at its center.The 'eye' at the center of the galaxy is actually a monstrous black hole surrounded by a ring of stars.

goutte de la lune

deletingmyself: “ Rainbow cloud and the sun

Canazei-Moena, ItalyRobyn Hooz

☀The mountain rainbow by Robyn Hooz landscape between Canazei-Moena, Italy.





Rainbow Clouds AKA: high altitude ice storms - sunlight is refracted by the ice crystals in the atmosphere

Rainbow Cloud

Rainbow Clouds AKA: high altitude ice storms - sunlight is refracted by the ice crystals in the atmosphere>>>definitely using!

#letyourcolorout Rainbow Promise

Over the Rainbow and Under the Sun

A rare triple halo surrounds the full moon.

a typical corona is only couple degrees in diameter and closely fringes the moon. although not as intense as a solar rainbow, coronas may appear in several colors. on rare occasions lunar halos and lunar coronas can appear together

Rainbows....seeing a rainbow always seems magical to me!

Rainbows are so beautiful. Rainbow God always with Me Rainbow always Forever & Ever.

the perfect rainbow

rainbows: God's promise to never flood all the earth again.

Maui Rainbow  マウイ島虹

Rainbow God Will Always Be With Me Rainbow, Rainbow God Will Always Combined With Me Rainbow With Full Of Rainbow Pureness Glory Filled Into My Rainbow God Always Combined With Me Rainbow Always Forever & Ever Rainbow!

Somewhere over the rainbow, a special son waits for me!

rainbow in the clouds thk: rainbow over the snowy clouds

He's not even looking for the pot of gold... -- [REPINNED by All Creatures Gift Shop]

He's not even looking for the pot of gold. -- by All Creatures Gift Shop


vaguedouce: thejourneyofonethousandsteps: birdsonqs: Rainbow (Pai Thailand) by Anton Jankovoy ❤x❀o❤ Good morning my sweet liebschen .