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Here Are 20 Animals With The Most Majestic Hair. I Can

For most of the animals on this list, their long hair or fur evolved as a way to cope with the cold. Others were bred to have long hair, and some of these are not even capable of surviving on their own in the wild because of it like the Angora rabbit.

Large wing pattern variety seen in Drosophila fruit fly - similar to butterflies

Large wing pattern variety seen in Drosophila fruit fly - similar to butterflies

very nice detail- on the way to a butterfly.

Cool hair-do. :o) The Chinese Comet Moth caterpillar Photo credit: Igor Siwanowicz (larval Actias dubernardi )

~Caterpillar~ shame on me i lived for caterpillar invasions... so i could throw them at my older sister and her fashionable friends.....

~Caterpillar~ shame on me i lived for caterpillar invasions. so i could throw them at my older sister and her fashionable friends.

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Flora, Goddess of Flowers and Spring: How to Attract Ladybugs to Your Yard. Lady bugs are good luck.

Cecropia Moth Caterpillar

Top 10 Most Beautiful Caterpillars

This has got to be the cutest and most beautiful bug in all the world! Just look at the lesson in colour from mother nature. This is a Cecropia Moth Caterpillar. Nature at its spectacular best! I wonder where it is found?

Now that's a weird caterpillar but harder for predators to chew !! Ps his name is SPIKE by the way

Nature is magic. Coolest caterpillar ever. Sheila my card arrived today and as always its fab. Still no wings but this is the coolest caterpillar ever so going to be him fro a few days more x thank u x

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Types of Caterpillars – There are just as many types of caterpillars are there are butterflies and moths. Each one has its own special characteristics coming in a variety of colors, some with hair and some with no hair, various appendages and exclusive host plants. Although there are endless caterpillar species, below are a few common types that house many subspecies.

Top 9 Different Types of Caterpillars

Looks more like a Yorkshire Terrier than a Milkweed Tussock Moth Caterpillar!

Spun Glass Caterpillar: A Real Life Crystal Creature

Spun Glass Slug Moth caterpillar [Photo: John Howard] This moth is found from New York to Florida and west to Colorado and Texas.

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Evening light

Evening light

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Garden tiger moth - Arctia caja The best color combinations are inspired by nature.


Monarch Caterpillar- they are my FAVORITE butterfly! The caterpillar? for w/o them, there would be no Monarch Butterfly.

Saturnia pyri (Large Emperor Moth) caterpillar

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