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The Loretto Chapel is a chapel in Santa Fe, New Mexico, known for its unusual spiral staircase that is an exceptional work of carpentry. The construction and builder of the staircase are considered a miracle by the Sisters of Loretto and many who visit it, because it had no central support (a support was added later). The resulting staircase is an impressive work of carpentry. It ascends twenty feet, making two complete revolutions up to the choir loft without the use of nails or apparent…

'Miraculous staircase' Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico Been here!

Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico. The staircase has two 360 degree turns and no visible means of support. Also, the staircase was built without nails—only wooden pegs. Photo by Andy New.

Santa Fe, New Mexico. Read the hisory about these stairs the Nuns say that Jesus built these stairs

Blue stairway

love the color scheme. the soft gray marble stairs with the blue paint and golden/black rails. lovely-pin it by

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Miraculous Staircase in the Loretto Chapel, Sante Fe, New Mexico. built by an unknown traveling carpenter, using no nails.


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penrose-stairs: “ faerlyn: “ The Miraculous Staircase, Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA. “ When the Loretto Chapel was completed in there was no way to access the choir loft twenty-two.

Stunning photograph of spiral stairs in the British Columbia Cancer Research Center in Vancouver.

Spiral out.keep going Taken at BC Cancer Research Center in Vancouver Canada. The DNA staircase reminds me of Lateralus by Tool, one of the best damn songs in the universe.

Gorgeous stairs

Custom spiral staircase - Traditional - Staircase - las vegas - by Macaluso Designs, Inc.

You'll see this gorgeous staircase when you visit Santa Fe, New Mexico. Loretto Chapel, Santa Fe, New Mexico,  former Roman Catholic church that is now used as a museum and wedding chapel

Loretto Chapel - Sante Fe, New Mexico! One of my fave cities! Love the history of the city and this beautiful chapel! Be sure and check out the story of the "miracle staircase":

Fotografía escalera en palacio abandonado Pati Makowska en 500px

Abandoned Palace Photographed by Pati MakowskaGreater Poland Voivodeship 2013 source: + + + + + + + + + + + + If anyone has any information about which palace or where in Poland this beautiful staircase is, please leave a comment!

Awesome Spiral Stairs-I want to slide down this bannister!

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