Tom Hardy Inked.

Tom Hardy: 'Men of Warrior' Portraits!: Photo Check out a shirtless Tom Hardy in these portraits for the book The Men of Warrior! The pics were shot by Lionsgate's president of theatrical marketing, Tim…

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy Photos - UK actor Tom Hardy shows his big heart by signing an autograph and giving a beggar on the street five dollars in downtown Vancouver, BC Canada. - Tom Hardy in Vancouver

Tom Hardy--my new fave. Hot and has an accent :-)

Never will be able to look at Bane the same. Yes, this is Bane from "The Dark Night Rises".

Making a new Passport, Tom?

Tom Hardy, and boom Im pregnant again.please, carry on with what you were doing.

Tom Hardy <3

I promise to stop posting shirtless pics of Tom Hardy, as soon as I get over my random obession! I totally understand keep posting them lol I just watched lawless and damn!

That FACE. Gets me everytime, without fail. Dammit.

chugivesgoodpsycho: “ tomcanspankmehardy: “ chugivesgoodpsycho: “ Fkn legend ” no chu YOU are a fkn legend with these edits! :p ” me your ways A magician never reveals her secrets.


Looks like you have something on your mind, Tommy. …… A girl can dream, can’t she?

This is a Problem

cheesy spy movie (this is war), inception, slightly bad boy, and hot accent all add up to sexy and my new celebrity crush.

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Tom Hardy, looking dead on at the camera. Those eyes, whoaaa.TOM STOP IT>…