The utterly gorgeous Di Donato guitar - the result of skills in crafting violins, violas a...

The utterly gorgeous Di Donato guitar - the result of skills in crafting violins, violas and cellos being applied to the electric guitar

Gibson Les Paul Indian Head Guitar -- (ode to Indian motorcycles)

Seriously Cool Guitars - Sunday Edition OK HERE's one you don't see every day! Check this custom Gibson Les Paul Indian Head Guitar in black and red,.

I love how an ordinary object was turned into art! The simple colors of the wood and metal give insight into the flowing forms and dramatic effect. To me, the butterflies imply the movement of music that comes from the strings of a guitar.

You may recall artist Paul Villinski& swirl of butterflies made of beer cans from a few years ago. He has since honed his craft, continuing to reproduce t

Violin workshop miniature within real violin (creator unknown)

This violin makers shop by W. Foster Tracy, is a miniature built inside a full-size violin. It was on display at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures, Tucson, Arizona. All completed instruments and tools are fully functional in this model.

Maxwell Guitars "Infinitum" ---

Maxwell Guitars - looking at this guitar brings a sense of wonder and hurts my head at the same time - so creative

wasbella102:  4/4 size violin  Professional grade,  5 string electric violin

inventurer: “ “ “ “ size violin Professional grade, 5 string electric violin ” I want to play that really bad. I use to play a reg one but this one is so.

Rich Roland of Tonal Instruments makes uniquely shaped guitars and violins, but he also makes great guitar-shaped objects. In addition to neon guitars and guitar aquariums, he created this guitar bubble gum machine. Jokes about bubble gum rock aside, he does say that after "a bad night on the road you can always empty the quarters bin, so it isn’t a total loss."

The “Gumball” Guitar circa 1990 : tonalinstruments --- pp: ♫♪ Yummy guitar ♫♪

psychoactivelectricity:  Chrome Les Paul with gold hardware…

Chrome Les Paul with gold hardware.I'd rather have chrome hardware so it looks invisible. That or black hardware. Anything but gold.

I realize it's not a guitar.but this is one bad electric violin! ever since i found out these exsisted i wanted one, because i heard you could plug them into headphones and learn to play without bothering everyone.