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This samoyed named Chewie looks majestic against the snowy backdrop in New Providence, New Jersey. The area got more than 7 inches of snow on January 3 and Chewie can't get enough of the fresh powder.

Three-year-old mixed breed Boris couldn't wait to go outside and romp around. Boris spent Friday morning chasing squirrels in a Chicago park, said his owner, Liza Heiligman.

Greatest things about cold weather, from losing weight to channeling Cosby

A massive snowstorm that affected nearly a third of the nation left many people not wanting to leave their homes. But countless dogs, like

when you're finally home alone

Be Yourself. when you' re finally home alone be yourself. When i'm home alone Be Yourself when you' re finally home alone be yourself When i'm

The best of Dog shaming-Too Much Crap! Not Enough Shovels!:

Sign Reads: I jump on the counters to get a better look at myself. Bingo likes to jump up on the counter to stare at himself in the mirror. Then he wants help getting down, he weighs 95 pounds…

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Ruff Nights Sleep: 7 Adorable Photos of Dogs Being Used as Pillows

Funny Animal Pictures Of The Day - 26 Pics

This adorable golden retriever managed to lodge his chicken bone between his cheeks! While it's dangerous to give animals small bones like chicken bones, his expression is adorable!

World’s Naughtiest Dogs: 25 Images That Will Make You Laugh

Just like stealing breakfast from a baby! I just stole the baby’s breakfast from her hand.

Doogan beaching it...http://bloomingonbainbridge.blogspot.com/2012/07/happy-4th-of-july.html

Doogan beaching it...http://bloomingonbainbridge.blogspot.com/2012/07/happy-4th-of-july.html

10 things to Know for Tuesday

A Chow Chow is seen in the benching area at Pier 92 and 94 in New York City for the first day of competition at the Annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.

Hall of Shame | BaggyBulldogs

Hall of Shame

I burrow under the rug to lick the floorboards underneath. xP – Beauregard Editor’s note: Our dog Beau also licks the hardwood floor. I wonder if it’s a “Beau” thing!

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Did you see this?

The dog to boy ratio stayed the same. This seems like a very maths teacher thing to notice.