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Sensibly saving Jane Austen

Two of Jane Austen’s letters — thousands of which were written but only dozens of which were preserved — undergo careful repairs at Harvard, where they reside at Houghton Library.

Best bio of Jane Austen. "The uneventful nature of the author's life...has been a good deal exaggerated." --Jane Austen's great-nephews, William and R.A. Austen-Leigh

Jane Austen by Claire Tomalin

At her death in Jane Austen left the world six of the most beloved novels written in English—but her shortsighted family destroyed the bulk.

Jane Austen Books: 10 Essential Reads For Janeites. #reading, #books, #austen

10 Essential Reads For Jane Austen Lovers

Jane Austen's England: Roy Adkins, Lesley Adkins: A cultural snapshot of everyday life in the world of Jane Austen (also for Mommy)

Influential People: Suzanne Collins became inspired to write because of her Dad. He used to tell her stories about war and it was so descriptive that it inspired her.

One would wonder, If you sat at this desk, do you thinks you would be able to feel the spirit of Jane Austen, herself? Observe the rich patina. In Jane Austen’s time, the feather quill was the main writing instrument of choice.

Pride and Prejudice

She hardly knew how to suppose that she could be an object of admiration to so great a man. ~ Jane Austen, Pride and Prejudice. -- This is exactly how I feel about my husband