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Poll: How do you prefer to scroll through a news feed?

QuickPoll: While working on an app numerous questions came up regarding a view well-balanced between a quick overview of news and a more visual approach.


Menu Animation

Apply - Applicant Information by Jurgen Ploeger

Apply - Applicant Information

Exploring a few ways to represent the swipe animation for my next project. these are only 4 of the iterations. I've divided the animation in two states: tap/hold - swipe. Tried to make them simple ...

Cards Swipe Animation

Android material design illustration - Cards swipe animation by ehsan rahimi

[GIF] Memory list clearing by Karol Ortyl

[GIF] Memory list clearing

Workout and Health App Animations | Motion Graphics and Animation in User Interface Design

Steps animation

Happy to upload my first shot! Here's a concept animation for the app I have been working on. Step by step animation for adding a new workout card.