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http://stem.kapiolani.hawaii.edu/    "In a room of 25 engineers, only 3 will be women."     The goal of the STEM program is to enhance the quality of the science, technology, engineering and mathematics instructional and outreach programs at KapCC, as well as to increase the number of STEM students transferring to four-year degree programs as they prepare for careers in the STEM disciplines.

Girls Are Smarter Than Boys, So What Goes Wrong In Math And Science? [Infographic]

Girls are smarter than boys, but where are the women in math and science? This infographic shows clearly that we need to change the paradigm around gender in STEM education.

Employee Engagement - A Business Management Concept | Business

Trust in Executives has a huge impact on employee retention. See this infographic on The Importance of Employee Engagement [INFOGRAPHIC]

soziale Netzwerke sind  bereits an der dritten Position, wenn es um den Konsum von Nachrichten geht.

Nachrichten in sozialen Netzwerken - Infografik

How Social Media is replacing traditional journalism as a news source - That’s old News [Infographic]

Why You Should Be Using #Infographics

Theres no better way to show companies how to create an engaging infographic than through outlined steps in the form of an infographic. A new infographic by Infographic Labs --.


Twitter Teaches You How to Hashtag