Knights and Armor.

Will be doing a character design demo on day 2 of MEFCC! I'll talk about the creation of Red Knights and how I usually go about in designing them. Red Knights - The Mage

Dead Space concept art

EXCLUSIVE: 'The Art of Dead Space' Concept Art

Eva unit 02 medieval redesign, Jeff Chen on ArtStation at

continuing the Eva into a suit of armor theme! Here& unit 02 :) watch me stream more art like this on twitch!

ZZ Grenade 01, Wouter Gort on ArtStation at

This is a grenade design for the police forces of Neo-Amsterdam. There's a war going on between robots and humans and the police are kind of in the middle of it, so they need weapons that are effective against both

Red Hood - Jacub Agis. Leader of the revolt against Arch Deacon Echel Drau. Resisting that the church take away children at the age of 10 to be recruited by the Imperal Guard of planet Baraspine and sent of planet.

The Ship Rats eke out a meagre living scavenging for scrap metal and electronics aboard abandoned ships.