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Eyes are the window to the soul. a soul that cannot escape the mind, a soul trapped in the darkness, trying to escape, screaming for help but no one hears and no on sees.

Surrealistic Horror

This is a creepy photo manipulation. Just thinking about a hand coming out of the bottom eyelid gives me the chills. I really like the detail work of this. the shadowing behind the hand is done really well.

♂ Dream ✚ Imagination ✚ Surrealism Surreal art Nature, Face, Creative, grass head hill

Create a surreal landscape, a landscape on my head / face / in a jar


Digital art by Marcel Caram- I just love the interesting mix of ideas in this piece- its so very creepy but beautiful at the same time- The interesting depth and detail quite lovely. Reminds me a lot of Salvador Dali

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[Material] super nice painting eyes, it must be a master of the art of the eye, is a touch short burst, and a small figure very high energy, (zu ω `) ~ and the source would not be a fair level combat ah. Hand-drawn pencil sketch manuscript illustrator via

Acertijo óptico. Encuentra el conejo.

Image via Genius Puzzles Can you find all 14 animals in this optical illusion? 1 man 1 woman 1 tiger 1 king cobra 1 elephant 1 rabbit 1 wolf 1 goat 2 fishes 4 swans Go to the next page for the big reveal!

Spontaneous by Kyle Brock - Stunning visualization. I've got to try this with a live model.

Spontaneous (sold) Painting by Kyle Brock

Initiation, by Rafał Olbiński (Polish)

Rafal Olbinski - - -ART - Rafal Olbinski - ) Polisch painter & illustrator, living in the USA