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Rickenbacker 375 1967 Jetglo

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Vintage Late 1960s National ES 335 Style Semi Hollow Body Electric Guitar

Vintage late 1960s National ES 335 style semi hollow body electric guitar

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El inventor de la guitarra eléctrica fue nada menos que Adolph Rickenbacker y cuyo apellido es la marca de una de las más prestigiosas guitarras del mundo. En 1931 se le ocurrió crear una pastilla magnética que amplificará el sonido de las cuerdas que para el caso debían ser metálicas. Junto a George Beauchamp fundó la primera empresa de "Guitarras Eléctricas" (Rickenbacker) que pronto se hizo mundialmente famosa.

Adolph Rickenbacker is the inventor of the first modern electric guitar. His most famous guitar was popularly named “Frying Pan” guitar, which was the first electric guitar ever to be made and sold commercially. Over 2700 of them were produced and sold.

Rickenbacker 330 Left Handed Guitar

Take a look at the current range of left handed guitars and bass guitars from California based Rickenbacker Guitars.

Rickenbacker 620 Electric Guitar

Rickenbacker 620 Electric Guitar

Model 4005LS

Ultra rare 1971 4005 Rickenbacker Light Show Bass. The guitars are rare but the basses are like hens teeth. The red lights on all their Light Show guitars lit up with high notes, green and yellow with midrange and blue lit up with bass notes.

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Gorgeous photo of an archtop guitar. Love the lighting, the composition, and the transition between the sunburst and the black background. Even the reflection of the light source is in the perfect spot, balancing the sound hole below it.

Vintage Framus Guitar

I like the semi-hollow body and the pick guards

Vintage | 1965 Fender Jaguar

Having A Hard Time Learning Guitar? Maybe you've heard a professional playing the guitar and felt like it's a skill that's out of your reach. Be that as it may, the guitar is actually fairly