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Pink katydid is mostly live in untropical places such as Osaka and the American Midwest. The genetic condition erythrism is considered as the cause of katydid’s unusual color

I'll have to look this one up.

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.Pachycoris torridus, different colors Check out more #Art & #Designs at: http://www.vektfxdesigns.com

Types of Bugs with Pictures and Names (How to Prevent Bugs In House

Pachycoris torridus, different colors (auf der Mauer auf der Lauer sitzt ne…

Naturally Limber

Lovely mantis, what self respecting male praying mantis wouldn't want to offer himself up as a sacrifice for a night on the town with this cutie ;

Nossos Animais Maravilhosos - Galeria com 20 bichos

Beautiful Purple Snail – When nature and creatures create a colorful display. I never thought I'd think a snail was pretty!

The Beatles by Scott Lewis: Karlsruhe Museum of Natural History #Beetles #Photography

bugs, bugs, bugs : Beetle collection in the Karlsruhe museum of natural history - so many different kinds!

BBC Boracay says: " Wow - what fantastic colors - Philippine grasshopper..."

because this is natures Painted Grasshopper, Dactylotum bicolor. Also known as the Rainbow Grasshopper. Nature is AWEsome!

Hey, that's my bike.

Insect riding a bike into sunset

A praying mantis appears to be pedaling a bicycle in this amusing photo taken by amateur photographer, Eco Suparman, a university student from Borneo, Indonesia. He came across the mantis on a fern in a cemetery in the Ambawang River Village.

Золотой черепаховый жук -   Golden tortoise beetle  В русской википедии написано мало (только то, что он листоед), в английской пишут, что жучка называют goldbug, обитает в Северной и Южной Америке, питается листьями, умеет менять цвет (оттенки золота) с возрастом, временами год

Golden tortoise beetles (Charidotella sexpunctata, previously known as Metriona bicolor) are common North American beetles that can be found on morning glory leaves, which are their preferred food.