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Audrey These are custom Louboutin pointe shoes for Dita Von Teese. I really like the idea of mixing fields of art, and that's really evident here in which an artistic tool, pointe shoes, are utilizes for a fashion purpose.

Lace. | More lace here: http://mylusciouslife.com/pictures-of-lace/

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These remind me of the Wicked Witch of the West...ballet style!

Circus ballet ~~~reminds me of the wicked witch of the east in the wizard of oz!

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This can be perfect combination for your nails if you have Louboutin shoes to match with your nails that will be more perfect. maybe it is not easy to do it yourself Louboutin shoes but for that reason is easy to make Louboutin nails by yourself.

O projeto, encomendado ao design Guercy Eugene, tem o nome de Arc Angel Nike (fino!),  é uma solução de   calçados que irá   reduzir o...

OMG so excited for these. Nike is bringing out Half Pointe Shoes. Its a pointe shoe with a lyrical shoe mixed together. I'm super excited, but not sure I'm going to trust Nike with my dance shoes.

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painted pointe shoes @ℓσℓα нσяαи♥ (тв¢ι)  think I'd get in trouble?

I love shoes. I adore shoes. I see a pair of shoes sometimes on the floor across…