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<3 my green tea! Helpful hint - you can only reap the true benefits of green tea if you drink it HOT. Once it cools, it looses the antioxidants and powers to speed up your metabolism (learned from a Eat This Not That daily email thankyouverymuch). :D

Green Tea benefits for your skin, hair, weight loss. Benefits of drinking green tea regularly. Benefits of green tea on your body, mind, bones and beauty.

Healthy foods that rev up your metabolism, helping to kick it into high gear. Combine this with 30 minutes of exercise 4 times a week and watch your body change! Proper fuel for better performance!   Disclaimer: All content on this website is for informational purposes only and should not be considered to be a …

Top 10 Metabolism Bumpers

Top 10 Foods For A Speedy Metabolism. Incorporating foods that work for your body simply means eating natural nutritious things that benefit the way we live and function. For shedding pounds (and for a healthy lifestyle too) the best way to do this is wi

Green tea modifies gene expression to improve fat metabolism!

20 Benefits Of Green Tea: Green tea contains tannins that are known to lower cholesterol naturally in the body. Antioxidants in green tea can help fight hyperthyroidism symptoms

Apple Cider Vinegar Benefits

Top 20 Uses for Apple Cidar Vinegar - and I just picked up some Bragg ACV today!

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