See more global urban art from incredible street artists such as Broken Fingaz, C215, DFace, Kobra, Obey, Zilda, Ericailcane, ROA, Remed, Invader and more!

The Green Man - possibly the world's biggest sculpture of the green Toin Adams

Lyon, France

Check out some of the world's best street art from graffiti artists, urban artists & street artists including Kobra, Mr Brainwash, Zilda, Obey & Aryz

French street artist Clet Abraham, now living and working in Florence, humorously alters traffic signs throughout major cities in Europe by strategically pasting removable stickers on them.

Saw his clever work all over Firenze. If it makes people pay more attention to street signs, than I say, why not give him a public works grant! Clet-Abraham_Street-art_stickers-on-traffic-signs_multi_collabcubed

colorful What a great way to make a neightborhood look nice.

Whomsaid a house and a garden had to SHARE the same property when it can BE the same property. Think different - street art and garden

Cool building graffiti - to be found just on the other side of the Nelson Mandela bridge...

ROA Stacks African Animals on a Building Facade in Johannesburg, South Africa. - photo via Art & Design on fb