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This looks just like Monte Cat

Cat Haiku by Gloria Mason Martin You never feed me. Perhaps Ill sleep on your face.

How could anyone not adore black cats?  They look like miniature panthers with coats of silken velvet.

* * CAT: "Caught in mid-wash. Justs fer noes privacy, me sez: yer uglee ands needs a root canal.

Gato negro...

About three years ago, a small ball of black fuzz appeared meowing loudly in my yard. This stray kitten began my love affair with black ca.

Another beautiful black cat. Looks just like our Eddie. Also love the framing, great photo.

Black cats Cat themed jewelry, clothes accessories and more for cat moms, dads and their kitties.

Amberleap is 17 moons old,Jungleclan's medicine cat.she is siblings with Frostclaw and she is a girl.her apprentice is Moonpaw.

NightPelt // Male // Tough, Sleek, Sneeky, Eyes Can Make You Do Almost Everything // Parents : Died In A Fire // Siblings : None // Played By Me


22 Hilarious Pictures Of Wet Cats(Cat bath)

Let see pictures of cat bath/wet cat, Cats are cute and cuddly animals. The independent nature of cats makes them an ideal choice as pets.

I have 2, my dears babies Dot and Lilly...  BLACK  CATS  Im back by ~cougarLV

Little black kitten with yellow eyes like a panther that hunts at night