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Family feelings

creatures-alive: (via / Little polar bear cub playing with his mom by Sergey Skleznev)

Polar bear cub

Three-to-four-month-old polar bear (Ursus maritimus) cub cuddling against mother's body while she is tranquilized by researchers, vulnerable, at Wapusk National Park, in Manitoba, Canada.

Polar Bears the most ferocious of all bears.

Polar Bears the most ferocious of all bears.

Polar Bear Play

Baby polar bear climbs all over mom and bites her ear. Mothers of all kinds must have patience!

17Polar Bear

34 Picture About The Amazing Polar Bear

17Polar Bear

Forever Young - not sure cute is the right word but this is an incredible picture.

mom and cub (love this pic. all you see is the innocent vulnerable cub. until you notice the momma bear paying VERY close attention.


18 imagenes impactantes!! Para reflexionar

As we melt our ice caps and the ice where these wonderful creatures live disappears, then polar bears will simply become extinct. The human race has much to answer for when it comes to how our actions effect the other creatures on the planet.

Oso polar bebé

Here is a collection of images of cute polar bears. Come here for high quality images of polar bear cubs and polar bears being cute

Polar Cuddle = OK, it's not a kitty, but it is polder bears! The next cutest thing to kitties!

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