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Narwwwgggnawrgnawg guilty. | 29 Guilty Faces Of Cats In Christmas Trees

Narwwwgggnawrgnawg guilty.

Christmas is a time of cats. OK, that's not strictly accurate, but here's a whole bunch of them acting like it is. Here's wishing a very Merry Christmas to you and to the cats in your l

The cat climbed up into the Christmas tree and made herself comfortable. She batted both of the ball ornaments off and took a few more with her as she c. Cat in a Christmas Tree


We just got a new Christmas tree. We are thinking "oh boy a new toy". This thing smells good and has shiny lights of course w.

Cat in santa Hat

This reminds me so much of a stuffed cat with a Santa hat I bought and took to my great grandmother while she was in the hospital recovering from a leg amputation. Except the stuffed cat looked happier :D

* * " Wut do ya expect? If ya dress me up in holiday gear, I GOTZ to explore de tree and all.

Cat and Christmas tree by orangeaurochs, via Flickr

Unexpected holiday pairings are the best! And luckily for you, GEICO's delightful Customer Service goes purr-fectly with delighted holiday cats.

"My god... It's full of stars."

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