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Freaking Misha. <3 him.

And then, Jared took all the coins and dumped them in Misha's car. Jared told him that he could give it to charity. Misha still finds random coins in his car.months after the thing happened. Aaand this is why we love Misha Collins and Jared Padalecki

Thats jared padalecki folks

Jared with great Padahair eating octo-pumpkin grape OMG. I have never heard of an octo - pumpkin grape.


*flips table* Don't talk about Kevin. Don't talk about collage Sam. That hurts less than young kevin and collage Sam

I love this! #Supernatural

I love this! #Supernatural

So i was in a bible study and we happened to be talking about samson and all i could think about was this picture and i could not focus at all.

No Samson did NOT get his power from his hair! He got his power from the Nazarite vow that he took which includes not cutting your hair. The power was given by God not his hair because that would be stupid.

Unless you're taking about Gilmore Girls lol

Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. That shirt works for either of them ==>> I love Jensen's face in the last one like "Don't say Dean from Gilmore Girls. Don't say Dean from Gilmore Girls.