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Lucien Koonce

Creative wood fired, hand-formed (kurinuki technique) ceramics, functional and sculptural, by American artist Lucien M. Koonce/Horsepen Kiln Studio, of western Massachusetts.

ewen henderson

Tea Bowl, circa Mixed laminated clays, a patchwork of colours and textures in pink, brown and blue


Handeishi Kawakita - Chawan Seto-kuro is known for its pure matte black glaze, named Hikidashi-kuro 「織部茶碗 by 川喜田半泥子」


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japanese timber frame wall insulation - Поиск в Google

茶室構造模型 - Traditional Japanese tea house, constructed from a underlying timber framing and wattle structure. Wattle is lightweight construction material made by weaving thin branches or slats between upright stakes to form a woven lattice. It is infilled w

이기호(Gi-Ho Lee), 잔(Teacups)

이기호(Gi-Ho Lee), 잔(Teacups)