Bartlett Year 1 Architecture Diary: Tatlin's Tower - Vladimir Tatlin

Vladimir Tatlin, "Monument to the Third International Sculpture", He launched the constructivist movement when he proposed the futuristic, glass-and-steel Tatlin's Tower.

‘The Boomerang’ is an iconic office building designed in the 1960’s by the Dutch architect H.A. Maaskant (1907 – 1977)

de Boemerang, Mijdrecht, NL a boomerang-shaped office building built by H. Maaskant in 1962

Feyssine Park by Ilex Paysage Urbanisme © Erick Saillet

A map of the best contemporary landscape architecture projects from around the world.

120956_sv.jpg 3.000×2.180 pixels

120956_sv.jpg 3.000×2.180 pixels

Pier Luigi Nervi (1891 - 1979)

'Architettura come sfida': Salerno rende omaggio a Nervi

Former Coca-Cola factory now Oostkamp's town hall // Carlos Arroyo // Photography: Miguel de Guzmán

Oostkamp, Belgium by Carlos Arroyo. The former Coca-Cola factory has been transformed into a City Hall / Civic Centre that is a luminous landscape of clouds.