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Social Media explained with donuts. Makes me smile every time. As social Yoda would say, Do, or donut, there is no try!

Not as prevalent here in Indonesia, but still...

How To Spot An Instagram Junkie [INFOGRAPHIC]

narcissism cartoon - Google Search

A cartoon created by John Atkinson displaying social media icons personified, attempting to grab our attention. Used to illustrate the need to develop a social media strategy.

Conversations in Social Media start-me-up-entrepeneur-me

Prism Social Media This infographic display online conversations between the people that populate communities as well as the networks that connect the Social Web. (via Serge Esteves)

20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

20 Jokes Only Musicians Will Understand

Funny pictures about Hipster Beethoven. Oh, and cool pics about Hipster Beethoven. Also, Hipster Beethoven photos.

ode to the office

Funny pictures about Real life shortcuts. Oh, and cool pics about Real life shortcuts. Also, Real life shortcuts photos.

Please do! In case of fire, exit building before tweeting! :-P

Not so far fetched. In case of fire, exit building before about it.

Should you check your e-mail? Here's a useful flowchart to decide if it's a good time or not! #email #productivity #mystudyspace

"Should I Check E-Mail?" flow chart by Wendy Macnaughton. I'm going offline to see what this Outside thing I keep hearing about is.

Article: How to Create a Social Media Campaign -- by James Daugherty || Infographic: Step-by-Step Guide to Your Social Media Success

There are a lot of ways to begin planning your social media campaign, but our friends at Simply Business have put together a really cool step by step guide to [.