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Marlon Brando (April 1924 - July and Al Pacino (April 1940 - ) on the set of The Godfather, 1972

The absence of cliches, the complete unpredictability of the plot and, most importantly, the gorgeously nuanced characters that you grow fond of—all of it makes Dog Day Afternoon an irresistible albeit bitter slice of life. Feel free to examine, study and absorb this rare screenplay with Pierson’s handwritten notes http://www.cinephiliabeyond.org/sidney-lumets-dog-day-afternoon/

cinephiliabeyond: “The making of Sidney Lumet’s Dog Day Afternoon. It was 12 Angry Men that initially attracted us to the great American filmmaker and storyteller Sidney Lumet, but his.

Scent of a Woman (1992)  Al Pacino as Col. Frank Slade

You're building a rat ship. A vessel for sea going snitches. And if you think you are preparing these minnows for man hound you better think again. What kind of sham are you putting on here today?

Lee Marvin, in the film “Cat Ballou”. It's worth watching if only to see my favorite scene: A drunken Lee Marvin unknowingly walks in on a wake, complete with candles placed around the dearly departed. He solemnly removes his hat and begins to sing, "Happy Birthday to you...".  LOL funny!

Lee Marvin, in the film “Cat Ballou”, 1965 famous picture stance! He won an academy award for his role but made the comment that the horse should get one too!

Don Vito & Michael Corleone Wow a room of handsomeness

Al Pacino & Robert De Niro from the classic film (The Godfather II - These two actors never cease to amaze me. We are blessed.