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Lady Gaga virou boneca de luxo nessa versão! A cantora ganhou sua própria Barbie com figurino e make iguais aos da vida real. Quem aí quer?! o/  Celebridades que viraram bonecos! - Famosos - CAPRICHO

Celebridades que viraram bonecos!

Um, c-section Barbie? YES! Even Barbie's babies didn't want to come out naturally!

12 Weirdest Barbie-Inspired Dolls - diamonds barbie, pregnant barbie, fat barbie

Possibly one of the most bizarre Barbies - ever - there's even a magnetic stomach that you put over the hole, until you are ready to act out scenes of labour or whatever children do with pregnant Barbies.---I totally remember this Barbie!

I used to know a woman with really bad plastic surgery who looked like this. I wish I was kidding.

Lady GaGa weird skeleton Barbie by Weikang Lue - if only it were real!

Lady GaGa weird skeleton Barbie by Weikang Lue - if only it were real!

Rock Star Doll Of Fame Lady Gaga by Laurie Everton - The Barbie Canvas

Rock Star Doll Of Fame

Lady GaGa would love this. Laurie Everton's one of a kind celebrity portrait doll.

Lady Gaga ganha versão em boneca Barbie de fã chinesa :: ...

We saw Veik create Gaga Outfits for Barbie , and now there is a whole new strain of Gaga Barbies wearing clothes and having crazy hair lik.

Cherish Baby, it's me ♥: Lady Gaga for Barbie Inspiration 8;]

Tying one on On right, Lady Gaga attends the Nokia 5800 launch party at Punk on Jan. The pop sensation is known for her .