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Pencil vs Camera for AOC by Ben Heine, via 500px

By Belgian digital artist Ben Heine. From the "Pencil vs Camera" series, matching pencil sketches with real life settings, to create reality-bending images.

Pencil vs Camera by Ben Heine http://www.cruzine.com/2013/01/09/pencil-camera-ben-heine/

camera’ by ivory coast-born brussels-based photographer ben heine is a series of images that inject hand-drawn pictures within real-life settings to create a composite effect that is often surreal and highly narrative.

15 Imaginative "#Pencil Vs. #Camera" Images That Will Add Magic To Your Day http://ibeebz.com

15 Imaginative "Pencil Vs. Camera" Images That Will Add Magic To Your Day

Happy Crowd Pencil Vs Camera: 30 Amazing Optical Illusions by Ben Heine

Pencil vs Camera

Pencil vs Camera

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Ben Heine, Pencil VS Camera

001 - Artists Announcement Idea I think this is a really clever and clean way to showcase that there's more to a story involving photography and illustration where the illustration could be something thats drawn to be the thing that is someones brave.

Как научиться разговаривать с кем угодно? | Блог издательства «Манн, Иванов и Фербер»

Work by talented Belgian painter, illustrator, portraitist, caricaturist and photographer Ben Heine. From a series he calls "Drawing vs Photography" or "Imagination vs Reality"

ben heine lapis fotografia

ben heine: lápis vs. fotografia


20 Creative Illustrations That Defy Reality

Belgian artist Ben Heine matches precise pencil sketches with real life settings, to create reality-bending images he calls ‘Pencil vs Camera’. I find it to be a fascinating blend of art forms, with just the right touch of whimsy,

종이로 만든 세상.jpg | Daum 루리웹

Artwork Type: PrintMedium: Giclee Printing Pigment Inks on Museum Grade Fine Art Digital Archival Paper Artwork Description: Another illusion.