"You are a writer. The 'normal' ship sailed without you long ago." - Terri Main I am not Alone!

How to Write Your Book– LOOOOVE this one! It's my publisher's credo, too! "Butt in chair, write! @MaryChris Bradley

Writers Digest - how to get your book published infographic - /mrstiddleywinks/writing/


“Only a writer … will hold conversations between people that don’t exist. We don’t talk to ourselves … we talk to the people we created from nothing.” or from dreams or from better memories.

Just gotta let everything out of my mind, into papers.

why-i-write: “ The world in my head is just too awesome to ignore. Submitted by thatgirlinthebatmanshirt ”

Yup. I just write a scene in which I tortured character that represent my ex

Commenting on a post that read: Writers don’t get mad. They just write you into their next novel – as the victim. My comment: The power of a good writer – to kill, to celebrate, to devastate, to inspire, to do whatever the heck they want to do.

Startling amount of truth in this statement!

“Writers aren’t exactly people … they’re a whole bunch of people trying to be one person.

Tragic dreadful amazing fantastic ways.

"If you've ever spent any measurable amount of time considering 'cool' ways to kill people . you're probably a writer.

If you always compare yourself to other people you are never going to measure up. Only compare yourself with the person you were yesterday. That is the only way that you will succeed.

But potatoes are so good, and you can do tons of stuff with them (fry em, mash em, cook em in a stew, etc.