your beams with small ceiling spots

A New York Loft, measuring some 7000 sq ft. Arch windows, bare structures for the ceiling and well-placed lights. Good idea for my future music room / dance studio / personal library.

Mountain view...Heinz Julen Penthouse in Zermatt , Switzerland...Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces

Beautiful living space 1 of Top 20 World Most Beautiful Living Spaces: The Heinz Julen Penthouse in Zermatt, Switzerland.

Wooster Loft, Great Room, designed by DUB studios, the firm co-founded by Daniels Faculty Assistant professor Michael Piper.

oldfarmhouse: “ Living Room ”

melissabriggs: justthedesign: Swiss Barn Plank Flooring By Corvelyn That floor! melissabriggs: justthedesign: Swiss Barn Plank Flooring By Corvelyn That floor!


Design Star Antonio Ballatore's Downtown Loft

If I could choose any place to live, I would love to live in an old warehouse apartment/condo. There have to be brick walls.

Interior Design Ideas: 355 Bryant Loft 10/18 by, via Flickr

Located in South Beach, San Francisco, this industrial-style loft comes with square feet of live/work space and audacious brick and wood finishes.

In this collection we’ve put together some of the entries of the Evermotion ‘Whole Lotta Loft’ competition that are sure to blow your mind. Incredible designers from the wo…

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old house bedroom - simple design - Alemanys 5 by Anna Noguera

Идеи для столовой в Индустриальном стиле

There's a wide selection to select from in regards to design and style. Transformers, power grid designs and a lot more designs are created through AutoCAD. Typically, there are 3 broad varieties of interior design.