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The Paternoster plastic waste up-cycler is a concept that uses mycelium to break down plastic packaging waste. Designed to teach children about the environmental impact of household waste, it is designed to mould toys while producing edible mushrooms in the home.

Paternoster Plastic Waste Up-cycler. The flush mechanism is based on the 1 litre flush toilet technique developed by the Sulabh Foundation in India.

Monocycle, 1869 by Rousseau of Marseilles

The First Monocycle ““This elegant monowheel cycle- the word "bicycle” seems somehow inappropriate, though there are certainly two wheels involved- dates back to It was built by Rousseau of Marseilles. “In 1869 the craftsman Rousseau of.

Locust : un concept de vélo pliant à l'encombrement particulièrement réduit, aux couleurs flashy pour bien être vu en ville !

The ‘Locust’ concept by Josef Cadek features parts that fold neatly into a circular central frame.

Shift Bicycle | Design | Gear

For those who can not ride the bicycle. The Shift Bicycle helps children learn how to balance on.

its a electrical three wheeler but.. hollow form is inspiring

Slug-Like Scooters

Hyun-Seok Kim/Three Wheel Electric Scooter, eléctrico, urbano y sostenible ~ nq

Folding Bike for Couriers by Anton Kosteckii

The main goal of this Folding Bike for Couriers project was to design a useful, capacious, and compact mechanical means of transportation for couriers who