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Arrow gas mask with laser guided sign shows exit path in dense smoke

6300 Reusable Half Face Mask Respirator low-maintenance simple to handle and extremely lightweight mask Face Gas Mask

When we think of gas masks, we immediately envision goggles with a large contraption placed over the mouth. That’s because the design has largely gone unchanged over the years. Perhaps this cumbersome design is not the best solution.

Better Respiration | Yanko Design

Coming from India, I’m pretty much used to the level of air pollution there is here. I’ve however seen people struggle with breathing problems, given how much particulate matter there is in our air. It doesn’t surprise me anymore, to see probably one in a

Clothes made of translucent lambskin, skunk fur and meteorite by Icelandic fashion designer Sruli Recht.

Air Rope - Inflatable Rescue Tunnel for Flood Situations by Lee Jee Won, Lee Yong Ho, Lee Juan - Air Rope is an inflatable rescue tunnel that can be deployed during flood situations. It is a safer option to the rope pulley system and is easier to use.

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