Arte con papel, decorando con papel nuestro hogar

Decoración con papel: lámparas de papel y más

Funny pictures about Awesome Cardboard Lamp. Oh, and cool pics about Awesome Cardboard Lamp. Also, Awesome Cardboard Lamp photos.

Diseño de Oficina: Escritorios elevados para trabajar de pie #14

Diseño de Oficina: Escritorios elevados para trabajar de pie #14

创意DIY吊灯/纽约建筑设计师 Allison Patrick 设计了30个吊灯的DIY设计,都是 用不同的纸裁剪后粘贴成的,比如地图,电话本,小说,杂志等等不同的纸,这样的东西不管放在哪里都会很亮眼吧?关键的是,做起来也不难啊!

If you don’t want a same light as someone else has, do it yourself. New York architect – Allison Patrick use paper cut to make this special light, you can do it too.

Diseñado el fondo de la cesta | Masters país

плетение из газет

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Penny Floor - don't know if I would have the patience for a whole floor. but a coffee or patio table would be nice! Also an easier way to do it is to put out the pennies then flatten then by, I don't know, maybe a broom or some thing.

DIY Bici machetero flor blanco alambre

DIY Wire Flower Bike DIY Wire Flower Bike, will need to try this, very nice

Erase una vez un globo ... que se transformó en jarrón!

Balloon, fish net stockings, newspaper, paper masche and cardboard for neck of VASE