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Chord sheet full Jan 2013 #MajesticVision

Mandolin & Tenor Banjo Chords

Here I've compiled the simplest inversions of most of the chords for mandolin and Tenor banjo. The shapes also relate to the fiddle. There are four or five inversions for most chords on the Mandolin, these are the one's I use.

lyra harp guitar by Eva ...and I thought the guitar was a difficult instrument to learn...

This lyra harp allows a harp guitarist to play two instruments like a standard guitar to create a deeper melody. (Photo: Worland Guitars) ~ All The Music

etched metal plate electric guitar

Learning Guitar: The Best Tips, Tricks, Hints And Strategies. Do you enjoy music but have no clue about playing an instrument? Learn how to play the guitar today! A great instrument to begin with is a guitar. Guitar b

So cool!

Awesome Guitar Carving of a Dragon! I don't think I'd ever get this but still it's kind of cool.

Toile d'impression art meilleur cadeau affiche murale par rcolo

ART PRINT Christmas poster Reproduction Illustration Gift Saxophone drawing Jazz Music Mixed media collage signed autographed M E Ologeanu

That's so awesome

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