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It was moments like this that you could see how much Arthur really cared about Merlin - no matter how hard it was to see - and I love it. I really loved these moments. They truly were brothers in all but blood. - KN

This scenes break my heart because Arthur tries so hard to figure out what's wrong and Merlin wants to tell him and can't so instead he just tries to pretend like he's just having a bad day and it's just really heartbreaking for both of them.

Bone-idle toad!!! I love how Merlin gets to voice his frustrations when he's Dragoon! So funny!

So I'm not the only one that noticed- Dragoon called him a prat-like Merlin, a donkey brain-Merlin knew Arthur once had donkey ears, and a toad-like Merlin.

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It's the hair.. seriously..

Lol I loved this Merlin scene. Arthur is so shocked. <-- forget Arthur, Merlin looks shocked