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I've decided that y'all should fall in live with this show...mainly because of the witty banter like this...

"You're saying I look like a toad?" "maybe one day you'll magically transform into a handsome prince.magic's outlawed and that will probably never happen." I love Arthur's face after Merlin says this.

I insulted you, I slept next to you, I supported you, I swore I would protect you, I held you, but most of all....I loved you

loved you - this was Merlin's pure, humble, selfless service, his whole reason for being, just as Sam served and loved Frodo so purely and deeply.

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I absolutely LOVED simpleton Arthur! Hug that tree, Arthur.<<<< He's listening for wood worms

The greatest sorcerer to ever walk the earth <3

The greatest sorcerer to ever walk the Earth. putting it this way, no wonder Arthur never suspected Merlin

"His face is the best thing. I relate with Elena so much...." Haha

When a fangirl meets a famous actor. <<< Hahahahahahahaha so true!