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The Hiddles wiggle - gif so cute!! I want to be in a dancewich between him and Benedict. It would be perfect. 3 goofy dancers. Although, they might make me look even more horrible than I already do while I dance...

The way they dance together when no one's watching. Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston Have The Hottest Bromance To Ever Exist XD

What even, fandom? xD

toms face or Chris's face, or the fact that he's getting a piggy back ride from Chris

Love this man.

This man is awesome! Tom Hiddleston continues to treat ladies with respect while others are so negative about them. I hope a lot of people look up to him and realize that this is how to treat someone to get respect


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I love how much Tom feels for Loki. He will defend Loki til the world ends but yet he doesn't want people to pity him for who he is and what he does, whether it be good or bad