The Birds

Tippi Hedron, star if Hitchcocks Birds and mother of Melanie Griffiths. A friend met her today and said that she is still awesome in her early has a tattoo of three 'Birds' on her R shoulder.

smoking and close case 강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­강­남­­­카­지­노­●A­C­A­C­9­.­C­O­M●카­지­노­­­사­이­트­

Comme des garçons - F/W 1990 - Christy Turlington - By Steven Meisel - Cigarette - Casquette

love this (impractical?) dress and the hair ornaments!

We have unexpectedly come across more Madame Figaro shots of Fan Bing Bing 范冰冰 and pictures for Harper's Bazaar Jewelry.

for Harper's Bazaar: by Patrick Demarchelier by graciela

US Harpers Bazaar June 1993 The Bigger Hat Amber Valletta Photography by Patrick Demarchelier

Hats // Amazing vintage black and white polka-dot hat, Sara Thom, Vogue 1959

A new direction in hats -A new direction in hats (firming up, pointing back) from January Vogue The model is Sara Thorn. There's something very stylish about a flowerpot hat, especially in bold polka dots.

Gloria Swanson, 1924

Actress Gloria Swanson, captured through lace by photographer Edward Steichen. Gloria Swanson photograph taken by Edward Steichen

William Klein. Dorothy, Rome 1962

Marvelous hat there Dorothy. Dorothy, feathered hat and coffee. Photo by William Klein, 1962

Excellent font choice too.

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