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men with long hair - Meet Bernardo Braga: Dreadlocks, Muay Thai fighter, Brazilian and, oh yes, model.

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beauty hair eyes face Model black tattoo artist lion eyebrows color Queen hippy dreads movement dreadlocks simple Black beauty girls with dreads Black hippy dreadhead

been thinking about getting dreads lately, well actually its been awhile that I have wanted them but I think I finally can do it and feel good about it!!

Bought Aidan a "Penny Board" last xmas- just like the one above but of course in blue. Its a fast board- no joke

995452_628834107134291_545773500_n.jpg (500×750)

"We stood Steady as the stars in the woods So happy-hearted And the warmth rang true inside these bones As the old pine fell we sang Just to bless the morning." -Ben Howard wow I love that quote

I love this sleeve

I love this sleeve < bare back + female form + belly dancing + white dreadlocks + tattoo sleeve + red flower crown