Japanese textile Designer, Yumi Ishikita

幟屋noboriya/染色工房/作品紹介 beautiful printed textiles and wonderful pictures on their…

Noboriya - textile design

Stunning textile designs from Japanese artist, Ishikita Yumi. Had to share her surface pattern designs, just lovely

Margaret M. Mackintosh, Textile Design c. 1920

Margaret Macdonald Mackintosh (Scottish), Textile Design - Chiffon Voile, watercolor/paper, c. via Katja Ollendorff & Joanna Williams

tamotea:  手紙社オリジナルテキスタイルを発表します! その③ | 第2回 かわいい布博

tamotea: 手紙社オリジナルテキスタイルを発表します! その③ | 第2回 かわいい布博

Scandinavian print designed by Kerstin Boulogner in the 1950's

The Almedahls Surt Sa Räven Scandinavian fabric features a fabulous bold orange fox against rich black foliage, a dramatic Scandinavian fabric.

Sunnuntai - Matti Pikkujämsä for Kauniste

Use of negative and positive space. Matti is an illustrator and textile designer based in Helsinki, Finland who has designed for Marimekko as well as Kauniste and illustrates for magazines, children's books and more.

Japanese pattern

This reminds me of that dot work floral sleeve done by Vincent Hocquet. Chrysanthemum Festival in Japan.

boudhabar:  “Japanese Textile Design  ”

These beautiful prints are salesman's samples of kimono cloth designs. Salespeople would bring these pieces to kimono makers in order to showcase the different patterns available. With its origins as